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    FRAG RANCE showel gel body wash

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    Five Advantages Of Products

    • The only 2,000-square-meter 10,000-level clean R & D experimental testing center in the domestic cosmetics industry, built and operated in accordance with CNAS standards.
    • Our company has a group of highly-educated and senior R & D engineers in the industry, with rich experience in formula research and development.
    • We have obtained a number of independent invention patents, has industry leading advantages in the development of cosmetics such as moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, repairing.
    • Several R & D products were awarded "Guangdong High-tech Products" and passed the qualification of Chinese high-tech enterprises.
    • The strong capacity supply can fully meet the capacity requirements of brands, providing a solid backing for customers to quickly occupy the market.

    Product Details

    About US

    We are located in Zhongshan Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the company mainly deals in cosmetics OEM/ODM/OBM business.

    We was established in 2011 force on the chemical cleaning products.

    Our factory covers an area of 50 mu with a beautiful environment and garden-style layout, also, the factory has obtained GMPC, ISO22716 and ISO9001. As well approved by FDA&CE

    We have 20000 square meters GMPC Lab can fulfill any requirement from our clients.

    Production Ability

    Obtained national production certification of hygiene and disinfection products In 2019, it was granted the hygiene license for enterprises producing disinfection products by the health commission of guangdong province, which allowed it to produce disinfection products of various categories, including hygiene products and disinfectants required for purification.

    Leading Production Environment 20,000 square meters of GMPC standard factory building The workshop maintains constant temperature and humidity, which fully conforms to the international GMPC standard Advanced imported material making equipment, automatic filling equipment.

    Strict quality inspection management Each product must be tested by a third-party testing institution for strict items, including the determination of the content of active ingredients, stability test, microbiological sterilization test, etc., up to 10 items are tested according to different products.


    How to properly use a hand sanitizer?

    Dispense an adequate amount of hand sanitizer in your palm to cover all surfaces of the hands completely. Then, rub hands together until dry. Be certain to cover back of hands, in between fingers, and around fingernails.

    Are alcohol-based hand sanitizers flammable?

    Yes, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are flammable and should be kept away from fire or flames.

    Are Dechuang hand sanitizers safe for use by children?

    Yes, Dechuang hands sanitizers are safe for children to use, however sanitizers should be kept out of reach of children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty. The CDC recommends that children in school may use alcohol-based hand rubs as an alternative to handwashing.

    Do Dechuang hand sanitizers lead to resistent bacteria?

    The Dechuang hand sanitizer products utilize ethanol (alcohol) as the active ingredient. The ethanol provides and instant germ kill without persistent activity. There is no evidence in research literature that organisms adapt and become immune to the alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

    How much hand sanitizer should be used per application?

    The answer to this question depends entirely upon the size of the hands. An adequate amount should be applied such that all surfaces of the hands are completely covered and remain wet for at least 15 seconds.

    How much alcohol should a hand sanitizer have in it?

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain between 60% and 95% ethanol (alcohol).

    Do the Dechuang hand sanitizers kill germs persistently?

    No. The Dechuang hand sanitizers are designed to kill germs instantly, but not persistently.

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