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  • Is There Such Magic In The Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel?

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    One of the essential hygiene practices is Hand hygiene. A hand sanitizer plays a key role in hand hygiene. Besides washing your hands with a hand wash, hand hygiene also includes hand sanitization with the right proportion of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

    Ordinary Non-Alcohol based hand sanitizers are known to all but alcohol gel hand sanitizer is a new form of hand sanitizer. These are more popular across the world at present, due to their superiority over non-alcohol hand sanitizers.

    Corresponding to claims of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand sanitizer is among the most effective tools available to prevent the spreading of germs. While the best way to ensure proper washing of hands and getting rid of germs is washing hands from soap and water, it is not a feasible option always. The alcohol-based hand sanitizer embodies more than 60% of alcohol content. The alcohol content in the sanitizer kills the germs in our hands-on using it.

    Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer Detail

    Alcohol gel hand sanitizer on applying on to hands rapidly prohibits the infectious microorganisms on the surface of the skin. It is always a better choice to use Alcohol-based formulation for sanitization and disinfection in most of the situations in healthcare setup. An alcohol-based formulation type such as Alcogel hand sanitizer is preferred over washing with soap and water in most situations. Generally, it is more effective for killing microbial agents such as bacteria and viruses.

    Difference between Ordinary Hand Sanitizer and Alcohol gel hand sanitizer

    It is revealed by various healthcare studies that alcohol-based sanitizers with alcohol concentration ranging between 60–95% are highly effective to kill germs as compared to non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

    Alcohol-free hand sanitizer gel may not prove effectual for all kinds of bacteria, and viruses. The alcohol-free hand sanitizer gels just lower the germ growth instead of killing them completely. Whereas alcohol gel hand sanitizer kills germs and bacteria completely. As compared to alcohol-based hand sanitizer, alcohol-free hand sanitizer causes more skin irritation.

    The benefits of Alcohol gel hand sanitizers over alcohol-free hand sanitizers can be summed up as:

    Strong bactericidal potential

    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill different types of bacteria such as TB bacteria and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is also proven to exterminate various types of viruses such as the common cold virus, coronavirus, flu virus, and HIV.

    ü  90% of alcohol hand rubs are proven to fight viruses more efficaciously than other forms of hand washes.

    ü  99.99 % or more of all non-spore forming bacteria are eradicated by Isopropyl alcohol in less than 30 seconds

    No requirement of water, just rub it

    Alcohol gel hand sanitizer is comparatively more convenient than washing hands with soap and water in most of the situations. Just rub it on your palm, and it kills all the germs.

    Subjective Trial Experience of Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

     An alcohol-based hand sanitizer works on the phenomenon of friction. It comprises 65% alcohol which has a very low boiling point and high volatilization speed. As we rub it on our palm, the friction generates heat. The alcohol gets evaporated from the heat along with the germ particles on the hands. Alcohol gel hand sanitizer has a clear and cool feel. Its distinctive smell gives a sense of cleansing of the skin.

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