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  • Do you need a Skin-friendly hand sanitizer spray?

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    Amid this COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we all are taking measures of prevention. While washing hands with water and soap one of the smartest methods, using a hand sanitizer spray during inaccessibility to soap and water is a great alternative. It's also quite a convenient alternative.

    Moreover, most convenient is the sanitizer spray, just needed to be sprayed over hands, body, or any other surface which you want to disinfect. Such sanitizing sprays can be used for cleaning different items and surfaces. Our family pack sanitization sprays are available that can be utilized to disinfect your kitchen counters, living rooms, guest rooms, toilets, bathrooms, entrances and exits, etc.

    However, while it comes to applying on the skin or any other way of getting in contact with skin, some hand sanitizer sprays result in skin dryness and irritation. If you are one of those people with sensitive skin, you need a Skin-friendly hand sanitizer. You can find an alcohol-based sanitizer spray with moisturizing agents to prevent dryness if you just experience dried skin, but it may not prevent irritation. To combat both dryness and irritation, you should use a natural hand sanitizer spray. Such as Cleanwell natural hand sanitizer spray, Everyone natural hand sanitizer spray, etc.

    We have natural hand sanitizer spray in different quantities. To cater to all your disinfection requirements in such a crisis, besides family packs, we also have pocket sanitizer sprays of different sizes.

    We have two categories of packaging:

    ⮚ Pocket pack - 50ml, 60ml, and 100 ml

    ⮚ Family pack - 300ml, 500ml, and 1000ml

    Difference Between Spray and Gel

    Our Silver ion is a natural hand sanitizer spray comprising silver ion and water. It is also highly effective anti-microbial spray as alcohol-based sprays.

    Let's see how Spray is better than Gels

    No Pungent Smell

    Some alcohol-based gels have a pungent smell, few people can't tolerate sharp smells like this. Whereas natural sprays like our Silver ion sanitizer spray didn't contain any sharp smell. Further, our products don't contain harmful artificial scents.

    Fast Drying

    While using Alcohol-based gel, it should not be wiped off after applying until it gets dried. This takes about 15-20 seconds. Wiping prior to this interval may leave the application ineffective. However, talking about our natural sanitizer spray, it has fast drying action in about 10 seconds.

    Mild and Irritation-free

    The Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel sometimes may cause irritation, especially to people with sensitive skin. Sanitizer gels with high alcohol concentration may be harsh on the skin and lead to dryness if used without moisturizing agents. Whereas, our natural spray is mild and irritation-free to skin.

    Moisturizing function

    Frequent use of conventional alcohol-based gels causes skin-dryness, due to the strong action of alcohol. They can make the skin dry if the required quantity of emollients is not present in them to counterbalance the effect of alcohol. Whereas, our natural spray has moisturizing agents added to prevent skin dryness and maintain moisture-level of skin.

    Hence, Our Silver ion natural hand sanitizer spray outshines alcohol-based gels. Without embracing alcohol content, our product contains silver ions to kill 99.9% of germs.

    We have toilet sanitizer spray which is so effective that it can also be used as toilet seat sanitizer spray for your sanitary hygiene needs. It is probably the best toilet seat sanitizer spray.

    100% Safe and Natural Product

    "With our 100% natural and safe to use product,  We promise to promote safer hygiene".

    Available from pocket spray sanitizer to family pack, our product is highly skin-friendly and safe. It contains all the safe ingredients without alcohol, chemical pigments, and artificial fragrance or essence. Without any artificial colors or pigments, our product is transparent in color and has a slight odor. Made from 100% natural ingredients our product is an all-in-one cleaning and powerful disinfectant product.

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