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    Detron was established in 2011 and mainly for international trading business, belonging to Brundo group is a comprehensive cosmetic high-tech enterprise. Which with a total investment of over 50 million, it is mainly engaged in cosmetics OEM / ODM / OBM business. Our factory covers an area of 50 acres, with beautiful environment and garden-like layout. It has 30,000 square meters of GMP standard production plant, which has passed GMPC, ISO22716, ISO9001 system certification.


    l Corporate Mission:Establish a mind for beauty and a way for skincare; Focus on beauty and achieve beauty.

    l Corporate Spirit: Strictness, pragmatism,combat, innovation

    l Development Vision: Become the benchmark of China's cosmetics industry, and then strive to become a world-famous OEM/ODM enterprise.

    l Code of Conduct: we always keep our word as behave mode
.Treat,respect and help each other, be willing to share and take responsibility
.Conduct oneself:live heartily and work happily


    The only 2,000-square-meter 10,000-level clean R & D experimental testing center in the domestic cosmetics industry, built and operated in accordance with CNAS standards. 

    Our company has a group of highly-educated and senior R & D engineers in the industry, with rich experience in formula research and development. 

    We have obtained a number of independent invention patents, has industry leading advantages in the development of cosmetics such as moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, repairing. 

    Several R & D products were awarded "Guangdong High-tech Products" and passed the qualification of Chinese high-tech enterprises. 


    Our company cooperates with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, South China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology and other universities to jointly create an innovative technology R & D platform to industrialize high-tech research results. 

    We have established Brundo&Greaf Joint Laboratory in shanghai, Ji Yuanxiang Dermatology Research Laboratory, and He Qiuxing Cosmetics Scientific Research Laboratory . 

    We also have formed long-term cooperative relations with more than 30 global well-known raw material suppliers, widely learned the world's most advanced scientific research results, and actively produced Innovation; 

    Brundo R & D Center was awarded "Technology Innovation R & D Experimental Base" by China International Beauty Expo and All China Chamber of Commerce for Beauty and Cosmetic Industry Chamber of Commerce. 


    We are established a high positioning concept from the beginning, and Foxconn's automation team designed intelligent solutions;

    the 30,000 square meter factory building is strictly built according to the national GMP standard, and the entire production area is seamless and fully sealed; the air in the production workshop has passed the initial, medium and high efficiency filtration and purification and constant temperature treatment;
Transparent inspect corridor, the entire production process is under open manage ;

    EDI reverse osmosis pure water system, water for production meets the standard of water for injection;
100,000-level purification filling workshop, advanced automatic cream, water, mask filling equipment, imported Automatic hose sealing machine.

    Emulsification Workshop: 100,000 grade purification workshop

    Error-proof batching management system: it can realize material and inventory management, precise batching control and tracking to ensure accurate production, safe and efficient. 

    The IKA emulsification equipment imported from Germany has a highly integrated design concept and a perfect system combination, and the whole process of production control is transparent and visualized; 

    Vacuum emulsification equipment: industrial equipment and intelligent production system integration; 

    The supervision and management of the production process and the traceability management of product quality meet the needs of modern large-scale production. 

    Strong Production Capacity

    The entire manufacturing center is equipped with 25 automated production lines; 

    the average daily production of facial masks can reach 2 million pieces, the daily 
production capacity of skin care products can reach 200,000pieces; the daily production capacity of cleansing products can reach 200,000pieces; washing and disinfection products The average daily production capacity can reach 200,000 pieces. 

    The strong capacity supply can fully meet the capacity requirements of brands, providing a solid backing for customers to quickly occupy the market.